Nayt Grochowski
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Nayt Grochowski

Internet Entrepreneur

Problem Solver, Father, Referee

With over 25 years of development, architecture, and project management experience, I have built hundreds of applications and played many roles, from being the sole developer for the entire project to leading development teams. I have also co-founded startups, handling all technical aspects of a business. My experience of consulting in many verticals and building companies from the ground up has given me a deep understanding of business needs and the expertise to work directly with executives and product owners to create a system that efficiently meets their requirements.

I am a solution architect and full-stack developer, comfortable working in any layer of the application, with extensive experience using the Microsoft stack for the backend and many frontend frameworks, including building my own.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy refereeing both soccer and basketball and taking road trips with my family. I have been a soccer official for over 12 years and I am a certified instructor and mentor.

Current Position

InterNayt Development

Principal Consultant

Technologies Used:

As a technology consultant, I work with many businesses with a focus on building web-based solutions. I help companies by learning how their business works, where they have issues or redundancies, then designing and building systems to support their businesses growth. I also continually update and improve my template project, which is a complete web application that includes everything needed to rapidly built new sites. The backend uses Azure SQL, Functions, and Queues. The middle tier is a .NET Core WebApi solution, supporting the frontend, hosted in a CDN, built with my custom jQuery-based SPA framework.

I also work with many people that have ideas for new businesses and love the start-up environment. From consulting on the architecture and system design to complete implementation, I am always looking for partners with great ideas that I can help bring to life.

Recent Projects

Previous Endeavors


Principal Architect and Lead Developer

Technologies Used:

WorkWave acquired the startup I co-founded, RefGo, and they brought me on to handle integration into the WorkWave platform of services. I was also responsible for architecting and developing new features and leading the team that created marketing tools for integration with the other WorkWave SaaS products.

Features included modules for collecting and managing business reviews and service reports via email and SMS. We also built a simple surveys module and a highly customizable lead management system, which included an agreement PDF generator and an e-signature system that I designed and built. The system also included marketing automation modules that supported both bulk and drip email campaigns.

The system was designed to run stand-alone or integrated directly into the other SaaS offerings of the company via iFrame and API integration. The user interface was also able to be themed to match each product.


Co-Founder, Architect and Developer

Technologies Used:

I used reused the framework built to support RefGo to create this mobile-first web application. Zellba was a new marketplace for home sellers and real estate agents, here is a description of the product:

Home Sellers: Let agents compete to sell your home. Find an agent you like and trust to sell your home. Compare meeting requests from agents who would like to help you sell your home – without sharing your contact info.

Real Estate Agents: Reach sellers looking for a real estate agent. Get a head start on new listing opportunities and pay nothing unless you sell a home (and is free during our beta period).


Co-Founder, Architect and Developer

Technologies Used:

I was responsible for the design, implementation, testing, and production maintenance of our review management web application. I focused on building a fast, easy to use, mobile-first website that worked great on most smart devices and computers.

Having gone through a few prototypes of the site and trying out multiple frameworks (Classic ASP.NET WebForms/MVC, jQuery Mobile, Angular), none of them had the exact functionality I wanted. I decided to build the system from the ground up using ASP.NET MVC as the backend foundation and a custom client-side jQuery-based framework using techniques learned from the other UI frameworks. I also regularly updated and added to the automated regression testing suite (C# Selenium-based) to make sure the main features of the site were robust anytime an update was released.

Local Corporation (Spreebird)

Lead Developer, Architect, Manager

Technologies Used:

I was a founding partner of Screamin' Daily Deals and helped to build a business that was sold to Local Corporation for $12.5M in just 18 months. I brought technology and development expertise to the team and handled the complete implementation of the system. The administrative system I built allowed a small group of people to manage the daily deals site to grow the business to $1.1M a month in revenue.

The administrative system I built allowed a small team of people to manage the daily deals site to grow the business to $1.1M a month in gross revenue.

As the Executive Director of Development for Spreebird, I continued my role as the architect and principal developer of the platform. While I also recruited and managed a team of developers to help maintain and improve the Spreebird Platform.

During my time at Local Corporation, I guided the addition of a mobile-friendly version of the website, iPhone and Android Apps, for both end users and merchants, and improved the performance of the site. I also continued to improve the administration portions of the site and add new features to support product deals, travel deals and more.

Here are a few of the key features:


Partner / Solutions Architect and Developer

Technologies Used:

A provider of development services for graphic design and marketing firms, I brought my system architecture and development expertise to the partnership. Using the Ready-Flex-Go Framework that I created, we delivered over 300 sites on time, with short time-frames and with limited resources.

The framework consisted of a custom class library and collection of business modules that extended and enhanced the .NET framework. The business modules included security, content management, e-commerce, blogs, newsletters, customer management, community and more.

Prior roles includes Senior Consultant, Developer, Technical Trainer, Network Administrator and Computer Technician.

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